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Web & Application Testing Technology (WATT) is a leading Software development and outsourcing company. We provide start to end development, services and maintenance. We work on all aspect of development like finding an innovative idea for design of architecture, its development and testing, launching of product, improvement and changing on the basis of feedback and maintenance. We offer a world class services and support to meet our customer requirements within or before defined deadline. We have customers from all field from start-ups to world class firms. Web & Application Testing Technology (WATT) is totally committed to our clients.

We love innovations and creativity this is why we provide our clients great services. We help our client in growing their business and our application helps them to explore it globally. We have only one vision to make this technology friendly and a mission to provide world class services to our clients in an affordable price with best solutions.

Web & Application Testing Technology (WATT)

The reason behind our popularity and stature is our dedication to achieve our goal and dream to provide our clients and user such application which is easy to use, less in cost and provide great experience. We have so many flexible and licensed options that help our clients and customers minimize the cost which are connected with deployment and management of software tools.
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  • Digital Marketing98%
  • E-Commerce Development95%
  • Android App Development87%
  • SEO Marketing87%

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